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Fire Alarm Monitoring

Infinity Fire Protection can do your UL Alarm Monitoring for Fire Alarms and Security Systems. Our UL Listed Central Station will stand on call to report any alarm on your premises whenever an alarm signal is transmitted to our central station. Computerized Central Stations using state-of-art technology can automatically initiate various actions.

Courteous and Trained Operators

Infinity Fire Protection demands that it's operators be efficient, friendly, and courteous to both you and your customers. We know that customer satisfaction is the only thing which will keep us in business. Every one of our operators undergoes extensive training to ensure courtesy, accuracy and efficiency.

Locally Based Monitoring Station

Once your alarm is installed it will be monitored 24 hours a day at our Alarm Monitoring Station. A message is sent here by your alarm when it is activated. Our operators are then provided with enough information to enable them to respond immediately, in a manner appropriate to the situation.

Peace of Mind

When you subscribe to our Alarm Monitoring Service, you are assured of round-the-clock surveillance by our trained staff of any fire, burglar or distress situation at your premises. When the alarm is activated, our Central Alarm Monitoring Station will receive a signal and notify you immediately.

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