Certified fire service Technicians Seattle
Nicet Certified Technicians Seattle  NFPA Technicians Seattle

 NFSA Technicians Seattle

Portable Fire Extinguisher Service, Inspection, Recharge, and Sales

Fire Extinguisher service available in the Seattle metro area, including Everett and Tacoma. Free loaners are usually available if your equipment requires in-shop service. Our highly trained service professionals can survey your facilities' fire protection requirements and train your employees in the use of fire extinguishers as required by OSHA.

Fire Suppression System Sales, Service, Maintenance, and Testing

Infinity Fire Protection's NICET certified technicians inspect, test and maintain fire suppression systems in accordance with the NFPA code requirements and the requirements of the Authority Having Jurisdiction.

Fire Sprinkler System Inspection and Testing

Infinity Fire Protection performs complete system, renovation, repair and maintenance of Dry Pipe Systems, Pre-action Systems, Standpipe Systems, and Water Supply Systems.

Fire Alarm System Sales, Service, Maintenance, and Testing

Infinity Fire Protection technicians have been factory trained to give our customers the best possible system/product and the expertise to service and maintain the systems. Infinity Fire Protection is committed to excellence. We will make a difference for your fire equipment service. Let us help you meet your safety challenge.

Fire Alarm Monitoring System Sales, Service, Maintenance, and Testing

We have our own Underwriters Laboratories (UL) listed and Factory Mutual approved monitoring center. We are approved and listed for residential and commercial intrusion and fire monitoring.

Emergency and Exit Lighting Sales, Service, Maintenance, and Testing

Emergency Lights and Emergency Lighting provide lighting in corridors, stairwells, and exit passageways during power outages and times of emergency. If your Emergency lights fail to operate properly, the building occupants can become disoriented.

Restaurant Hood and Duct System Service, Maintenance, and Testing

When you call Infinity Fire Protection we put you in contact with an individual specifically trained to address your fire protection needs. Ensuring your Restaurant System is always in peak operating order.