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Fire Sprinkler System Inspection and Testing

Infinity Fire Protection performs complete system, renovation, repair and maintenance of Dry Pipe Systems, Pre-Action Systems, Standpipe Systems, and Water Supply Systems.

Wet Fire Sprinkler System

Infinity Fire Protection performs periodical inspection services on all Wet Fire Protection Systems. Inspections are conducted in accordance with NFPA 25 standards, including full testing of systems and devices to ensure that all components are in prime working condition. We offer inspection programs geared to provide automatic periodic inspections required by NFPA 25 and the authority having jurisdiction.

Dry Fire Sprinkler System

Dry Fire Sprinklers contain pressurized air. When heat activates the sprinklers to open, the air pressure is reduced, allowing the dry pipe valve to open and water to flow from the sprinkler. Infinity Fire Protection performs periodical inspection services on all Dry Fire Protection Systems.

Fire Sprinkler System Monitoring

Fire Sprinkler Systems are intended to suppress or extinguish fires. Most municipalities and insurance companies require that fire sprinkler systems be monitored by a U.L. approved monitoring center such as Infinity Fire Protection.

Fire Sprinkler Inspection Procedures

*Inspect all fire department connections.
*Inspect all control valves and tamper switches.
*Inspect all flow switches.
*Perform a main drain test on all risers noting static and residual water pressure.
*Test alarms on sprinkler systems.
*Inspect all dry pipe valves for proper air pressure, water pressure and priming water level. Trip test once a year.
*Drain all low point drains on dry sprinkler systems.
*Verify that the monitoring company receives signal of water flow supervisory devices.