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Exit and Emergency Lighting Inspection, Testing and Upgrading

Infinity Fire Protection also provides maintenance services for Exit & Emergency Lighting Systems. In accordance with NFPA 101 emergency lighting systems are required to be certified periodically by conducting a 90 minute battery power down (discharge) test. This test certifies that all the exit & emergency lights are functional and batteries sustain their charge for 90 minutes during a power black out or building fire. We supply a full range of Nickle Cadmium battery packs and Sealed Lead Acid batteries.

Be Prepared

Having Emergency and Exit Lighting that does not function can be fatal. The equipment is often overlooked by your fire service provider. Infinity Fire Protection is very aware of the important role of emergency and exit lights, in the safety of your employees or residents. Call today for a free onsite evaluation.

Energy Efficient Lighting

Improvements in Exit and Emergency Light technology offer new opportunities for significant savings in operating and maintenance costs. Since the newest technologies have no bulbs to burn out and no parts to replace, you know your exit and emergency lights will always perform. You can be confident that they will work in an emergency, and your maintenance costs will be virtually eliminated.

Huge Selection

Infinity Fire Protection has the largest selection of exit and emergency lighting available in Western Washington. Call today for a No Hassle Quote on: Exit Lights / Exit Signs, Exit & Emergency Combos, Emergency Lights, Batteries, Glow in the Dark Products, Lamps & Bulbs.