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Stor-House Self Storage

Dear Infinity Fire Protection,

Every once in a while something “GREAT” happens, and those of us who experience it are compelled to put it in writing. The “GREAT” I am referring to are you and your company. As you know, I manage the Stor-House Self Storage here in Renton, WA. When I first met you two, we were brand new, and still struggling to “rent-up” our storage units. We knew we had a first class storage facility, which includes a very large building, designed specifically to house class ”A” RV’s and Boats. This particular building offers fully enclosed units, with access to electricity within each unit, and a full fire suppression system. We did not want to entrust the fire equipment maintenance and monitoring to just anybody. As you know, the capital investment of a storage facility such as ours is astronomical. In addition to the seemingly endless task of overseeing such a facility, I was challenged with finding a company that would either meet or exceed our expectations to handle our fire concerns. That’s where you come in. you gentlemen actually took the time to come into my store and introduce yourselves and your services. My first thought was how professional you presented to me, and my “Gut” instinct told me that I did not have to worry about my fire suppression system any longer. You proceeded to educate me in the technical aspects of your business, and you even volunteered to hang up my office fire extinguisher, which had previously been used as a door stop. You did that with a smile and compliments. If I recall, a few seconds later we had our “agreements” in place, and started a GREAT business relationship.

I want everybody who is in position to be concerned about there business, and in particular anything to do with fire systems, to call me at (425) 226-5015. I want to let them know how vigilant you are about your business, and what a great sense of care and understanding you both possess. It is with pride and appreciation that I gladly endorse and refer any and all who need your services.

Thanks again for a job well done. You have made my job a lot easier.

Tony DeMauro

Brittany Park Retirement Home

If you are looking for someone new to work with in terms of fire systems... These guys are great!
Intelligent, responsive, practical, smart, ethical and just plain good.
Besides, they don't waste anybody's time on mindless chatter.

Lynnwood Courtyard

February 18, 2005
Dear Sir or Madam:

I would like to take the time to tell you a little about Infinity Fire Protection. I have used many companies for life & safety system testing in the hotel world. I have had many companies tell me they know what they are doing and are the best. And then when I have their work checked out, they did not do their job correctly and left our properties with a huge liability. It cost us more money, and they left our property knowing it was not safe. Most companies want to get in and get out quickly making a dollar. But most of them run past the small issues that can be fatal to you and your company. You will not have that problem with Infinity Fire Protection. They do their job thoroughly and make sure you understand what they have done. They do not rush to make a dollar. They believe in safety and when they are done with the job you can trust it was done correctly. I would like to thank Todd & Jeremy for keeping our properties safe & I recommend everyone to use them.

Shawn P. Kish