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Battery Operated Smoke and Fire Alarms

9V Battery Operated Ionization Smoke Alarm

Compact size offers maximum protection with oversize trim plate to cover marks left by standard size detectors.
More visually appealing than larger, bulkier units.
Flashing red light indicates alarm is receiving power.
Ionization chamber responds fast to low-smoke flaming fires.
Unit will sound a warning chirp when battery is low.
Test button check horn, battery and alarm circuitry
Loud piercing, pulsating horn
Special twist-off mounting bracket for fast installation and safe battery replacement.
9 volt battery included.
UL listed
10 year (limited) warranty.


RATINGS APPROVALS: Meets UL 217, NFPA , CSFM , FHA, HUD. Approved for use in recreational vehicles.
LOUDNESS: 85 dB minimum @ 10 ft.
DURATION: Continuous while smoke is present
SOLID STATE CIRCUITRY: Complementary MOS integrated circuit provides maximum stability and minimum power consumption.
LOW BATTERY INDICATOR: Sounds a chirp at 30 - 40 second intervals for a minimum of 7 days, to signal low battery
HUSH BUTTON: Can be used to silence false alarms. Alarms automatically resets after 7 minutes. In case of dense smoke, the alarm circuitry overrides the hush button to sound the alarm.
OPERATING: 40 F - 100 F"
HUMIDITY: 5 - 95% relative humidity
Please Note: When installing the backup battery, care should be taken to not accidentally press the hush button. Doing so will make the test button inoperable for the 7 minute hush cycle, making the detector appear to malfunction when tested.